Big Chess Update

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  1. I got check mated in 1 move the queen jumped my pawn and captured my kinh

  2. Its not fair bro, i think its not available in mobile 😭😭😭

  3. there's not update .where can I play this game

  4. it’s not how amazing spell chess is, it’s how dumb levy’s opponent is so stupid to let levy play it.

  5. As a rock paper scissors player, we haven’t gotten a new update in a few thousand years

  6. Hey what if you freeze squares and cheak the king? Wouldn't that be checkmate?☠️💀💀

  7. Imagine skelton spell which pawns 💀

  8. The jump spell kinda makes me wish there were a canon piece from chinese chess

  9. All they need is to add some HEHEHEHA emotes to chess and then it’s perfect.

  10. Just spam poison spell at the king, you'll win the game with 0 move

  11. that one guy who used a xray potion on a knight:

  12. Still waiting for new chess piece update.
    Like when do we get the Knight or the Mercenary.

  13. Imagine looking for your spells in actual chess tournament 😂

  14. Fun fact: the creator of chess is already dead so they dont update it anymore

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