Big Chess Update

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  1. Idc. I will still play 3 player chess
    (I actually care alot but i dont know how to respond)

  2. And if you spend 750 Robux, you can upgrade your pawn to a knight.

  3. Actually it’s clash chess from clash royale like the pawns are goblins but this goes hard

  4. Its about time man its been like 2000 years since they updated chess

  5. l played clash of clan before
    Those spells are good strategy to
    Attack enemy base

  6. They need chess where you make 2 moves a turn instead of 1.

  7. Looks better than clash royales chess collab. Can’t even move the pieces. Smh

  8. That is clash of clans or clash royale

  9. Chess 1.0 need a patch update
    I keep losing

  10. Awaiting Judosloth collaboration with Gothamchess

  11. Somehow i am better than at spell chess than normal chess😑

  12. i really hope they nerf the queen in the next patch, shes too op

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