Big Chess Update

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  1. Tried these eye drops. They are very minty.
    It definitely wakes you up a lot when you're drunk… or high

  2. When they buffing the pawn fr?🗣️🗣️💯💯❗❗❗

  3. it's clash royale update related if I'm not worng

  4. My pp has had over the years😢😢😂😂😂❤❤🎉

  5. That’s supposed to be clad of clans chess if you haven’t seen the add

  6. Knightmare chess adds cool abilities. Also The Duke is a 5×5 board with pieces you draw from a bag and they flip to change their move pattern every time

  7. You do know that chest 2 actually exists its called chest 2 the sequel it was created about 10 years ago somebody seed chest is to boring so he created chest 2 and it has it has a shit ton of new features besides thear deferent type chest like games like shogy but this chest isn't that bad I like it

  8. New chess update lookin fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥 🗣️🗣️🗣️

  9. The dude who made spellchess probably played too much clash of clans or clash royal

  10. I never imagined that in my lifetime, there will be chess 2

  11. This collab w supercell is a big w

  12. They teamed up with clash of clans. I saw an add about it.

  13. [freezes black queen and king]
    [jumps white queen to take black queen]
    checkmate by white

  14. I love original chest and I will never disrespect the legendary game by playing this no disrespect for anybody who actually likes it

  15. What tf do you do with xray vision? Look through the pawn? Look through the board? Does that help?😅

  16. Update in chess. New figure "Gypsy" has been added. Gypsy can steal opponent's horses and attract them to your side

  17. I legit made this up when I was 10 and only one person played it with me. Now it’s an actual thing.

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