Best Way To Rank Up In


  1. Bro thinks he ranks up fast while he still in the stone league 💀

  2. my rank is increasing v ery slowly like 6+ 7+

  3. You will eventually get a 1 hour ban for sandbagging doing that

  4. If a lot of opponents are rejecting draw then do what i do, just chat and tell them that you gotta leave and can they please draw and boom it works 90 percent of the times

  5. Nakamura:ah yes,i dont move something but this is draw

  6. this only works if ur opponents rating is higher than u or else ur rating go low

  7. Bros making videos like this and I’m double his ELO lol

  8. Thats not work if you have more than 1400 elo and it decreases your elo rating

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