Best chess opening for beginners | London System Rating Climb

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  1. YES! Thanks for this and i shall be getting your new course on chessable.

  2. This is so cool! Nice to see how you play the London..inspiration!

  3. Like the London tutorial. But to smug for me.

  4. Been looking forward to the speedrun. Expecting this will catapult me from the 1500s right into the 1600s 🚀😄

  5. Do you happen to have a guide for those of us below ELO 400?

    Jk brother, fantastic guide, thanks <3

  6. I've been looking for a London climb series and this is excellent. Thank you.

  7. It can be hard getting noticed – Danya is arguably the best chess coach out there, and he's still at 200k+ Youtube subs or something like that. I think doing collabs with like-minded players&personalities would help the most – Eric Rosen & Aman of Chessbrahs come to mind as London players.

    As for this speedrun, the intro sound is a bit high but the content is slick – that sneaky Bishop check vs the c2 tactic is good to know. Can't wait for the higher rank games!

  8. Yo! This is exactly what i wanted to watch. This helps me so much. Love how youre explaining what openings are being played and why you are moving the certain pieces you are. Its like striking gold! Im telling ya brother. Great shit right here. 👍

  9. Excellent iniciative!, thanks.
    Maybe in more interested games checks with engine to find the more precise move, but not with low level opponent.

  10. happy that it started and already some interesting ideas but I think it's too fast though. 3 minutes games don't give you time to explain fully your moves and ideas imo. Should be at least 10 or 15 minutes games i think. And the rating is climbing too fast as well, 30 minutes for 800 elo points is too short, maybe loose a few games on purpose so you don't climb so fast. And one last thing, i think you shouldn't answer chat unless the question is about the game. Hikaru did opening videos trying to be pedagogic but spent the entire video answering questions about FIDE and we didn't learn much. Imho danya is the one to inspire yourself from, his speedruns are awesome but he never plays d4. Cheers man, thank you for the speedrun

  11. I encountered the same bishop g4 move recently, I am interested in what you think of it.

  12. When a Chessable course of full London System with +100h of videos and movetrainer ?🤣🤣🤣

  13. This was a great concept.helped us to learn different positions in the London opening. Can you come up with a similar speed run in other openings or defence. I am particularly interested in pirc and kings Indian defence. Thanks again

  14. Really like it – put all the theory sessions in context . thank you, i would like to see more of these session, watching you playning the london and comments/analyse during the game helps a lot. and fun to watch 😉

  15. I’m still super new around 800 so auto play London each game as white. Thanks for this speedrun series

  16. 30:16 how come most other content creators Chess Masters eg Gotham Chess etc suggest moving the white dark square bishop back to G3 when attacked by the enemy dark square bishop. So if they take, you can use your H pawn.

    I get your reasoning, but I’m wondering why everyone else is promoting retreating the bishop to G3?

  17. Great video, I'm getting a lot of these positions in my games, I definitely learned a lot from this 🙂

  18. @4:45 this just happened to me and I couldn't play Bb5+ because I had played c5 thinking it was ok in this situation.

  19. Fantastic content, I’ve added 300 points to my rating since I started watching your videos

  20. Just found this Speedrun. I'm gonna tune in. Thank you so much for this! I'll try to learn as much as I can.

  21. chess is fine, need better hair cut

  22. This is so good. Amazed it isn’t behind a paywall

  23. Bro. You deserve so many subscribers!! I’m glad I found you.

  24. I got your "1. E4" Chessable course and then found your YT channel, it's all great stuff man, thank you!

  25. The traffic cops heard about your speed run!

  26. How did your hair get like that by the end 😂😂

  27. The London is great if you ignore that Black gets equality at move two.

  28. “E4 is such a good move, I can’t restrain myself” but why? The answer isn’t implied. Beginners watch these videos and it would be helpful if you explained why you deviated from a standard London style play to moving e4.

  29. I like the video, but why does his facecam look like he's a middle schooler on picture day lol.

  30. When will your chessable course on London will come? We all waiting for that

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