Beginner Tips to Break 600 Rating – How to get better at chess – Beginner chess strategy and ideas

The best beginner friendly tips and tricks to improve at chess and get your rating above 600! In this video I will show you several beginner chess strategies and ideas to improve your chess rating. You will learn how to get better at chess as well as basic chess strategies and principles to win more chess games. You’ll also learn how to better protect your king and minimize blunders in a chess game. Looking to teach chess to your kids? Make sure to watch this so you can give them strategies and ideas as you teach them. To make this video, I analyzed 100 games from beginners rated around 600 and compiled a list of all of the chess mistakes that they make, and I also show you the best ways to prevent it from happening to you.

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  1. As a 600 elo I can confirm that at some point in every game I will eventually commit a megablunder that ruins my entire position for the rest of the game.

  2. Its not fair the "600"s that i play against are playing like 1600 like the engine says

  3. Nice video… helping begineers like me…

  4. Technically your game example wasn't a blunder, right? because he can capture the knight back and he'd only be down 1 point when the knight again recaptures the pawn. You defined a blunder as being down two down two points. However, it also leads to a weakened pawn structure for white, which is bad

  5. Probably the most informative chess channel I’ve come across , especially for beginner-intermediate players who are looking to improve their elo .

  6. Thanks a lot!, i improved a lot and i even went from 600 elo to 701 elo in just hours!

  7. I’m 1200, idk why I’m watching this video, but I was 600 rated about six or seven months ago If I have any tips for beginners, it’s to stay away from opening videos and most YT videos in general. Analyze your games, apply chess principles, and stop memorizing. Rely on your intuition and focus on ideas and tactics. Understand the ideas of your opening and play long time control games (15 | 10 minimum) you’ll improve in no time. Don’t chase wins, I only play one or two games a day and that gives me more improvement than playing scores of them a day. STOP MEMORIZING YOUR OPENINGS 10 MOVES DEEP drives me crazy because it seems like everyone in the 800-900 bracket does that and then you don’t see as many book moves past 1000 because people understand what they’re playing.

  8. How to get better: just play lol.I went from complete novicw to 1000 when I was 9 in a year. And computer engines weren't available back then save for chess master. I'd play people and the CM profiles.Didn't study theory or games between GM's.

  9. I watched this video then immediately played a game and made zero blunders. Thanks!

  10. I recently fell from 700 down to 500 and haven't been able to break back above 600 since. And you're totally right, it all just stems from me moving too quickly, thinking too hard about my own moves and not considering what my opponent is changing about the board. Thank you!

  11. Chess drives me insane; I have fluctuated between 500-600 for over 2 months. Stupid blunders and impulsive moves are what kill me. I’ll lose a game and be mad so destroy my accuracy the next game and stagnate my long term rating development. Could realistically be close to 700-800 if not for these mistakes so hopefully can correct it.

  12. Ik stuck at 500 despite being 1800 at Go. Even when I do my best to ensure my pieces are always defended, I end up in positions where I have no good moves to advance my position whereas every opponent move is significantly challenging for me. It feels like, somehow, I'm always in the worst possible variation. I don't know what to change. I wish my opponents blundered 84% of the games that I'm in with them.

  13. Bro the players at 600 which I face are like 1100 like no mistakes at all

  14. Definitely a nice helpful video. It should be just as simple as this to get out of 600. Not paying attention to changes loses so many games

  15. Its now very easy to beat a 600 below player but its hard to go up

  16. woaahh that's my game 2years ago! I'm at 1400 elo now😆

  17. I will try to specifically focus more on this. I know F means forget about it. I know the queen attacks and how to against them, I just need to blunder less and see how things change each move more often. I'm still stuck at elo 300 after playing 400 games.

  18. 500 just ignore checkmate and play a move

  19. Wait, you where using lichess ratings all this time? Lol

  20. playing black:I move a piece: do not loose a piece:evaluation bar/engine:➕2 points of material

  21. also focus on every move that ur opponent makes, because a simple looking move could turn into a 3 move checkmate.

  22. 4:27 I don't know if you were just using this as an example or not but I've never seen a 600 do that before

  23. Thank you for this. I've recently become obsessed with chess, and broke through 700 and then got knocked down to 600 again. I want to go back up!

  24. 3:09 I would have gone for fried liver but that is my 800 brain being dumb most likely

  25. I didn't have anyone to play with so I lost my mojo so I started again

  26. I have found a mistake in your video. >2 points means that a blunder is more than 2 points, but then, you said that you lost 2 points. The correct way to have said that is ≥2 points.
    Edit: As a 550 ELO, this video was amazing and really helped me!

  27. i can only play the 300-400 range, but for some reason my opponents dont blunder at all…

  28. I rose from 480 to 550 thanks to this video of yours! Thank you so much!

  29. BRO I HAD 1 mistake 1 blunder n 0 missed wins WHAT 500s AM I VERSING THAT MAKE ME LOOSE WHAT AND MY ACCARCY WAS 85

  30. I bounced between 400 and 600 until I figured out all the tricks my opponents were using to attack my f pawn. I’ve been climbing steadily since then with a 55% win rate. Hopefully it doesn’t level off for a while. I think my biggest problem now is not catching my opponents blunders until I analyze the game.

  31. Found your channel and I'm subscribing immediately because I'm stuck at 500

  32. Cant wait for the other rated videos! I want to get to 1000 by end of Summer!

  33. Here from r/chessbeginners! This is the kind of video I needed. Sometimes I play fine and then other times 4 move checkmate whoops.

  34. I keep getting high 800's (cant remember the exact #), but then I lose a few games that pushes me down .And then the cycle repeats. Cant seem to get past 850

  35. You are making excellent videos! I’m stuck at 1400 and I was waiting for your next video and it was spot on. Great stuff, thank you very much!

  36. I like to play balanced what kind of opening can you suggest me

  37. Thank you very helpful pls never stop making videos not many people put the effort

  38. Hit my new record at 678 from 580 after this video 👍

  39. About the blunder part, taking a bishop for a pawn is good if they only have a pawn and you have a bishop to force a draw. You cant mate with a bishop and they can mate w a pawn. Only do this in endgames

  40. Keep up the good work! I have been struggling lately because I suddenly fell from 820 to ~570, mostly because of my blunders (often more than 5-6 per game!), and I have to say that you have helped me a lot. I really love your style of teaching, I wish you the best!

  41. I like these videos! However, in Blundering, you also have to consider intentional sacs and exchange sacrifices. And unintended piece loss or move that creates one on yourself would have to be part of it. Undefended pieces can be part of it too, but could be victim of a tactical combo that typically requires a higher rating (experience) to spot. IE: It's not just points lost. PS: I think, in the last example, it was White that Blundered more . He was defended once and attacked 2x. And he'll be down a pawn after Nxe5.

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