Beginner Tips to Break 600 Rating – How to get better at chess – Beginner chess strategy and ideas

The best beginner friendly tips and tricks to improve at chess and get your rating above 600! In this video I will show you several beginner chess strategies and ideas to improve your chess rating. You will learn how to get better at chess as well as basic chess strategies and principles to win more chess games. You’ll also learn how to better protect your king and minimize blunders in a chess game. Looking to teach chess to your kids? Make sure to watch this so you can give them strategies and ideas as you teach them. To make this video, I analyzed 100 games from beginners rated around 600 and compiled a list of all of the chess mistakes that they make, and I also show you the best ways to prevent it from happening to you.

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  1. That bishop queen trap really works, but it is countered hard too

  2. My problem consist in been really good in some games even with strong playes, and extremely weak in others, i am not consistent. By the way, to avoid blundering, i divede the board y four 4×4 squares, and i analice what's already attacking me in each square, so i say ''the queen square is 1 anything to care of by now'', ''square 2 is the king one, there is some danger and my target'', and then, the squere 3 and 4. By dividing the board in 4, you'll more control of it and it'll help to control blunders.

  3. I'm exactly 600 rating and I have not watched this video
    Will th is video help?

  4. Man… Click your middle mouse button to open new page pls.

  5. Hey Nelson, I am a beginner and play the London system. Would you please so a series of videos on it? Thanks

  6. This helps a lot. 1 or 2 blunders cost me a game lot of times. It sucks. Some 600+ players don't play bad by my standards 😆 .
    Can you explain how to break the opponent defensive position? There are games where I end up low on material because I mess up the trades 😞 .

  7. Is there a video on how to even get a chess rating? O-O

  8. What he doesn't tell you is that players don't really play in an ideal manner like this. You often can't castle before move 10 because your opponent is attacking you and you have to focus on defending pieces while trying to get some developing moves in at the same time. Real world chess doesn't conform to general principles at all. Even playing bots is not as predictable as this. I suppose, what we could say is that these are ideals to strive towards, but don't expect to achieve them. "Do this, UNLESS…" "Don't do this… UNLESS…" That's why all good chess players have to spend a ridiculous amount of time learning openings, lines, middle games, end games, puzzles, historic games… … It's like learning a new language or a new skill. If you do it successfully 100 times you are a novice. If you do it successfully 1000 times you're competent. Do it successfully 10,000 times and you've finally mastered it. Since my life is already full I guess I'll have to be happy just playing and losing most of the time. Hey, I'm here to help you rank up!

  9. I can't believe that failing to develop pieces was not a category in this rating range. It is so common to see the entire queenside not get developed. From the lack of development flows being unable to protect the king and a more developed opponent having tactical opportunities from simply having more pieces involved.

  10. What about <2 point mistakes? Are they called blunders?

  11. I was up to 800 and since then I only play ppl with 95 accuracy and who find mates in 25 like wut I’m 600 now btw

  12. "What changed?" is important; but also, "What can/will I change?" is equally important.

  13. As white, I play London system, what should I play as black….I'm around 600

  14. ty for this guide,i was 873 rating at my peak and for some reason and all of a sudden i feel all the way down to 563 ty now i will try to get 900 rating

  15. okay, so… what i got from this is that if I wait for other 600 players to blunder (which they will do statistically) than i will win. I know this wasnt the intended message to take away but by playing more defensively and waiting for the mistakes I have climbed 100 pts. so thanks!

  16. Doesn't everyone start at 1200? How many times do you have to lose to get down to 600? This is almost insulting.

  17. I'm rated about 950,I usually alternate from 950 1000 and Im stuck there.

  18. My name is Giovanni Giorgio and this helps my chess rating.

  19. You are just the best I came to 1100 by this

  20. I watch these videos and the mistakes 600-700 make don’t seem to make them with me

  21. I am 16 and I recently started studying chess thank you for the help!

  22. Watching this for second time. Was at 550, now at 400 , now m determined to break 6c

  23. bro too many deranked players are in 600 some from even 1200-1500

  24. Main thing I got from the video notice what changes

  25. if you wanna get 600 rating just do scholars mate

  26. All good tips, but I think they're more about getting beyond 500. Those struggling around 600 probably known them already.

  27. Fell from 612 blundering …😓 Thanks for ur help 😌 Hope to get better soon 🙃

  28. It is so difficult to get any higher rating. Like I play five good games and each game gives maybe 8 points then I play one bad game with someone with lower rating and then I lose all the progress. Back to the same score.
    And also when going to play blitz game for example and I match with my level but then when checking his stats on rapid he has much better score. It's like being stuck in a loop, lol 😅

  29. I don't know my chest level but I know I don't fall for fools mates and obvious stuff I just can't beat the computer on chess master

  30. I beat candidate for chess master on my phone against the computer but I cannot Beat Master Level I've been trying to beat Master Level for years now and having one not one time but I keep playing but it gets frustrating. any tips please . I play a couple times a day but once I lose too many times I get too frustrated and give up

  31. After watching this video I played a game, and for the first time ever had ZERO blunders, I still lost on time but was ahead 7 points. Thanks for the great tips.

  32. How to get passed 600 in 1 easy step.
    Step 1: Don't make mistakes
    Repeat until passed 600

  33. I want someone to stare at me as longingly and intensely as Chess Vibes stared at his camera.

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