Back rank nightmare 3 | Chess Shorts #chess #shorts

Back rank nightmare 3

A series of short videos where we see typical mating patterns and increase of chess patterns knowledge to improve tactical Eyesite🧐🧐 👀👀

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Not Chess, but chess shorts, chess tactics / traps showcasing chess tricks to win fast. Best chess moves. We see chess checkmate patterns to have patterns recognition. Can be also called a chess tutorial showing chess strategy. Learn chess, how to play chess. These chess puzzles are from great chess games / grandmaster games. Old chess games or latest chess games.
These chess videos are not being recorded on or or chess24 but they are recorded on chessbase.
They are having best sacrifices in chess, back rank checkmates in chess, pins in chess, skewers in chess, forks in chess played by Magnus Carlsen, Vishy Anand, Paul Morphy, Mikhail Tal, Garry Kasparov, Hikaru Nakamura, Vidit Gujrati, Anish Giri, Adhiban, Nihal Sarin, Pragyananddha, GothamChess, Firouza Alireza, Samay Raina, Sagar Shah, Botez, Nadotisky, Eric Rosen, Me Myself, or anyone else, where they loses or wins.


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