AUTO CHESS UNIT GUIDE from Queen Ranked Player! | Amaz

Here’s my analysis of each Auto Chess Unit’s strengths and weaknesses. What other guide videos would you like to see?
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  1. I dont like your videos at all but this one is good for new ones. Good job there

  2. when a queen educate pawn so he can get more challenger at his level.

  3. does anyone know how to play on a certain region? I havent been able to talk to anyone because theyre all china/japan etc : / lonely out here

  4. very very good Video thank you, can you make a update like this when new patchnotes are there?

  5. The Tusk is always ready for a fighttttttttaaaaaaa

  6. "Tankiest heroes in the game"
    Gives 4/5 in survival

  7. why the hell troll is a woman

  8. sniper have good attack range he can shoot from apart of the other side of map, change attack target without moving. thats a very consistent DPS

  9. How outdated is this guide? I have to admit, there is hardly anything I can agree with so far :/ Razor is just dogshit when I get it, for example

  10. Awesome vid for a new player like me 😀


  12. why has treant 1 utility? He gives an aoe heal dafuq

  13. Did they remove Slark and Sand King from game? I don't see them anymore.

  14. Great video Shame I can't tolerate why gay people just talk like this. I have a ton of gay friends and they talk normally

  15. fucking cheesy clickbait intro subscribe comment like, fuck off, ppl are sick of that shit in 2019!

  16. hes not insane but still he is in…stilll :-))

  17. Is it the same in autochess mobile? It's so confusing

  18. If you pick anti mage do you not want to try and get TB and QOP so that they both keep their +50%?

  19. Can I just point out her ult is fucking op and one shots fucking everything *Lina

  20. Its so annoying how he keeps calling character by their opposite gender like dawg ta is obvi female troll warlord is obvi a guy ffs its a dumb nit pick but once you notice it its so annoying

  21. UP this commend so that people know about Tiny Power Utility at 8:40
    I've been following @Amaz Hearthstone for a while now regarding DAC and has he has understood the power of tiny as well.

    Tiny if used correctly in correct position, can stun enemy unit with 1 Square unit.
    Super effective to stun from toss enemy and stun opposite enemy piece/assassins unit. Mages/Dragon knight on the corner should be getting the stuns as well.

  22. Bro can you do the same thing with Auto Chess Mobile? I don't play Dota, so even all heroes are similar, I can't really tell which is which

  23. is this more or less updated still? i'm a new player 🙂

  24. Ive seen clutch multi stun ulti's from tiny. Def have to disagree there.

  25. Lina is amazing dps? Im guessing she got alot stronger since this video came out and when i started playing (this week)

  26. So, Tiny might be good if he had a Mask of Madness? 😀 Or maybe rather Slark with that? 😀

  27. If you drink one Shot everytime he says actually … you are drunk after 10 min

  28. your showing high lvl pieces when were playing pawns no sence showing bishops

  29. Morphling got buffed not to bad turning whole team to stone

  30. Please stop missusing "literally"! Its extremely irritating, and lowers the overall enjoyment-score by atleast 2. Ill be genrous and give you a 6/10

  31. Tiny is actually good against elves because he can throw the tank to them then your army will charge there

  32. I disagree with your Terrorblade opinion, from me he get S. Because even he got low hp before transform, he can manage to transform and have fullhp again that is a mega tank ability actually, he also outdamage your whole units and get every game killlingspree. With Mana items he transform quicker 😉 Its S Unit okay?! Overall one of the best teaching videos for autochess on youtube, helps me a lot. Thanks. Terrorblade #1

  33. PSA: The Auto Chess Devs have been doing a great job keeping the game up to date, so a few units in this video have been reworked. I will be updating this video soon!

    In the meantime, here is an updated tier list:

    Riki: F
    Mirana: C
    Death Prophet: B

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