Are Magnus and Hikaru friends? #chess


  1. That question in the end is a very obvious way for the interviewer to say "I did not understand your previous answer" OR "I actually do not give a shit about what you actually answer, I will go on with my stupid questions"

  2. Bro came to do his interview only to answer question about Magnus

  3. Ever since hikaru malded about bitez making a joke at that chess tournament I just picture him as a walking nerd emoji

  4. Something a lot of chess fans also seems to forget a lot is that a lot of top chess GM with similar age tend to know each others from they were kids, for example Magnus know Ian Nepomniatchi and David Howell since they met at Junior Chess Championship.

  5. Interviewer; "Magnus, what's your thoughts on Hikuru?"
    Magnus; "Decent"

  6. Like Ronaldo and messi one cannot be better than the other”they are both goats”

  7. Thought he was gonna say lovers for a minute.

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