Are Magnus and Hikaru friends? #chess


  1. Who is this dude and why has he interviewed every human who's ever lived

  2. Only the top 30 players? I think more. Atleast the top 100

  3. Hikaru: "at the end of the day…"

    Procedes to talk about the whole day.

  4. A more apt question to Hikaru would be: "Do you have any friends?"

  5. It's over! Hikaru has been stepping on Alexandra Botez and keeping her down….but now Magnus and Alex have teamed up! Hikaru better look out!

  6. Only 20-30 top players can make a living out of playing chess, damn, sad, comparing it to other sports.

  7. What rivalry? hikaru just isn't on Magnus level.

  8. what do you best like about magnus
    his blow-up doll girlfriend

  9. Frenemies, friends with benefits, soul mates?

  10. Only Hikaru knows that with Magnus, everything comes easily

  11. Lex has 2 of the best chess players then Daniel negraneu who's not even a top 100 player in any format for 15 years…poker media fucking sux!

  12. Everything comes easily
    Hikaru on magnus

  13. I can personally attest to Magnus' rep as a guy who seems to have everything come easy to him. I remember meeting him over-the-board, at a tournament that had been scheduled at my local middle school; the exact same day that the end of year school events were happening. I had no business being there, but I didn't really like anyone other than the nerds/geeks, and figured chess club would be more fun than anything else.

    The only solid memories I have of the event were; its timing, meeting a really cool guy whose name was Magnus, and meeting an extremely overbearing and arrogant highschooler (that now I can only assume was Hikaru); whom I threatened with an ass beating, and he realized was a genuine threat when I told him I go to school there (he originally thought I was an adult attending the tournament).

    Long story short, Magnus was relieved that he didn't have to play anyone who knew "theory", and we had 10 or so games; where we actually had a cool conversation about what Asperger's was, and he taught me some basics of Chess. He even laughed during the altercation I had, and did his best to de-escalate the situation; as nothing would happen to me, being a minor and not in the tournament, but the other player would also be DQ'd. Eventually he got bored, and the tournament started; at which point I was escorted out of the cafeteria by 2 grown men.

  14. Should have asked if him and Eric Hansen are friends 😂

  15. Most funny comment section on youtube factz

  16. Prime Movies: They were extremely competitive enemies on the center stage of World Chess Championship but a passionate gay couple behind the scene.
    They play chess in public but they kiss each other chest in private.
    They strategise their knights when in game, but they romanticise their nights after the game.
    They sacrifice their pawn to win the game, but they watch gay porn to up their bedroom game.
    They protect their king in every game, but they get into kink when behind the game.
    They make use of their queen really good on board, but they put their diks in each other when they are bored.
    They know how advantages to keep bishop in the game, but they blowjob each other after the game.

    Respect is not given, respect is earned.

  17. imagine being interviewed and get asked about Magnus the whole time🤦 just interview Magnus….

  18. Anime Magnus – Hikaaaaaarruuuuuuuu
    Anime Hikaru – Maaaaaaagnussssssss

  19. You are talking about a gentlemen’s game… so there is no down and dirty

  20. If you are a chess player and do not cheat, we are all friends.

  21. The Roger Federer of Chess. True, but there is no Nadal or Djoker beating Magnus. Magnus rules alone at the top.

  22. Hikaru is committed to Gotham, but Magnus plays havoc in their relationship every now and then.

  23. "We are actually friends with benefits"

  24. – "What's the status of the relationship?"
    – "Oh, we're moving in together"

  25. Hikaru is super composed and magnus is stereotypical lazy genius with a right amount of attitude .
    But in the end both are super good chess players

    and chess nerds .

  26. Imagine getting on a podcast and the podcast only being interested in your biggest rival who didn’t want to do the interview so now you’re stuck with questions all about him. COMPLETELY uninterested in you! 😂

  27. The interviewer wanted to ask if they were lovers so bad

  28. "what do you love most about magnus" "hes beautiful luscious lockes, his amazing eyes, and his chest!"

  29. That it is the dullest interviewer I have ever heard talking

  30. What brand of shirt is Hikaru wearing there?

  31. They're pretty much coworkers who happen to play against each other every so often.

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