Are Magnus and Hikaru friends? #chess


  1. Who wouldn't respect and appreciate a worthy opponent? (OK, I know. But if you exclude severely mentally disturbed ex-presidents?)

  2. He always sounds so high. I can't listen to him. haha.

  3. I wonder why interviwers asking questions as a shipper. My guess is they like enemies to lovers kind of relationship lmao

  4. I feel like it is disrespectful to any professional when they solely get asked about other professionals and not them. At least that is what it looks like in this short clip

  5. “He’s the big spoon most of the time”

  6. Pretty cute. You went through a podcast, cut a clip of it and put your channel name on it. It doesn't belong to you and it took you 10 minutes to do. Lazy bastard.

  7. Hikaru also stated they're all sick of playing against the same top players in every tournament lol.

  8. We're basically in a long term open relationship 😂😂😂

  9. I was half expecting him to say "lovers" or something

  10. Who is this nerd? Who is this Magnus person? I play chess on my computer, I would never watch another person play chess.

  11. Brotherhood, did he just say it is an all guy's club?

  12. “at the end of the day we wanna beat each other” PAUSE.💀 “wether its myself or magnus” DOUBLE PAUSE ☠️☠️

  13. Calm down, this isnt a fight in cage or a ring.

  14. Everything comes very easily
    Like magnus' tshirt

  15. Imagine dedicating your life to this board game of limited movement options. 😂

  16. Interview: What do you imagine when beating off
    Hikaru: Ofcourse Magnus

  17. Lex is such a joke, I still don't understand why anyone watches him.

  18. The passion in this interviewer is unparalleled

  19. They are both respectable young men with a profound dedication to their craft. Just because he mentioned tennis, do you not think Roger and Rafa absolutely loved/despised each other whilst competing? I know Novak has recently gone on record praising his rivalry with Nadal. I myself played rugby growing up. You would try your absolute best to make mince meat of your opposite number or anyone on the "enemy" team but afterwards it was always hugs/handshakes and sandwiches afterwards. Each respecting and acknowledging the absolute battle you both went through

  20. Lex friedman is the cringiest dude on yt lololol

  21. Rare footage of Hikaru not repeating himself a million times

  22. What do u like about Magnus as a human being?
    Hikaru: His alcohol tolerance 🤣🤣

  23. what is your favorite thing about magnus carlsen? Hikaru:i think he is cute

  24. Hikaru is doubtful when he is asked Magnus is "a human being"

  25. It's clear chess is higher in overall. They play to win but still always play with respect. Very good

  26. Weird that he mentioned Federer. That’s who I always compare him to.

  27. Roger Federer 😭🥹🥹, now Magnus is my favorite chess player

  28. That picture of him and magnus on the plane says otherwise that they're friends

  29. Interviewing hikaru :~ Are you and Magnus are friends.. What you think about mag..
    Interviewing Magnus :~ what you eat in morning Magnus..

  30. interview with one of the best chess players in the world currently and he’s just asking about his interaction with other players

  31. The best analogy I’ve ever heard is that Magnus is Goku and Hikaru is Vegeta. Just a lifetime of being frustrated that Goku is constantly leveling up ahead of him, Vegeta is still his friend and respects him

  32. All the elite chess players can agree that the only one they hate is hikaru

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