ALL 54 CHESS TACTICS RANKED || Examples, Puzzles, Explanations

Today, I ranked the top 54 chess tactics, including forks, skewers, double attacks, pins, and much more with various puzzles, explanation, and examples. Thank you for watching, like and subscribe for more, and I’ll see you next time!


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0:00 54-51 – F Tier
2:26 50-41 – C Tier
9:18 40-31 – B Tier
16:55 30-21 – A Tier
23:40 20-11 – S Tier
29:45 10-1 – S+ Tier


  1. It doesn’t matter if it’s rare or not. Sorry I just had to say I don’t think that should be factored, but you can factor effectiveness.

  2. Underpormotion should move up because of the sheer psychological damage

  3. Zugzwang and Desperado are incorrectly presented.

    Desperado is not an equal exchange. It is to exchange to a lower piece instead for nothing. What you presented for Desperado was actually a Zwischenzug.

    Zugzwang example should not be Queen+King vs King. It has nothing to do with it. A true example would be King+pawn vs King+pawn where one side makes an unrelated move with King to skip his turn in order to attack to pawn in correct position

  4. Btw you missed a checkmate with that cross check

  5. Jesus. I can only think of like 5, and thats stretching it to say they are not really just the same..

  6. 4:44 i am a beginner, but , would not it be a mate if the rook moved anywhere in the g file except g8, g7, g6, and g5?

    Please answer

  7. 1:30 missed Mate…..

    Also… saying things dont happen often is wasted time and in some cases just false. The hit and run for instance happens if you know how to set it up. The best players are able to use one tactic to set up another.

  8. What about gambits? Maybe you could've included queen promotion, castling, & en passant too.

  9. You should rank openings (but only like 20 or a few of the most common ones).

  10. 1:25 1. Bc2+ Kh8 2. Qf8# I was personally hurt when he took the rook

  11. Straight to the point and very deserve more subscribers…thanks..

  12. There is only 5 basic families of tactics.

    1. The Double Attack: Also known as a fork, is the most common tactic because every piece can do a double attack.
    2. The Discovered Attack
    3. The Pin
    4. The Skewer
    5. Removing the Guard, which includes, capturing, blocking or overloading the guard.

    Tactics consists of one of these elements or a combination of them. Tactics are not to be confused with Mating Motifs, that end the game immediately with a checkmate pattern.

  13. Stopped watching after #52 "you simply take the rook and than winning". You could mate after he moved the king, why would you take a rook?

  14. What's the name for the tactic where you check their king to force a block by another piece, then take that piece?

  15. 18:33 on example 28 this tactic isn’t a desperado, it’s a zwischenzug

  16. You said" it's not very common" for literally every tactic😂😂

  17. Some of these aren't really tactics. having passed pawns is not a tactic. your opponent having weaknesses is not a tactic, scholar's mate is not a tactic, delivering checkmate is not a tactic.

  18. I'm using some of the tactics without knowing it was a tactic.


    F TIER (54th – 51st)

    0:08 54th Alekhine's Gun

    0:39 53rd Underpromotion

    1:16 52nd Cross-Check

    1:55 51st King Fork

    C TIER (50th – 41st)

    2:28 50th Trapped Piece

    3:01 49th Stalemate

    3:48 48th Hit-and-Run

    4:33 47th Windmill

    5:26 46th Perpetual Check

    6:11 45th Interference

    6:37 44th Scholar's Mate

    7:15 43rd Clearance

    7:45 42nd Deflection

    8:24 41st Greek Gift

    B TIER (40th – 31st)

    9:20 40th Queen Pin

    10:00 39th Rook Fork

    10:30 38th Pawn Structure Destruction

    11:30 37th Bishop Fork

    12:00 36th X-Ray

    12:51 35th Overloading the Defender

    13:44 34th Situational Pin

    14:30 33rd Smothering

    15:05 32nd Queen Fork

    15:37 31st Decoy

    A TIER (30th – 21st)

    16:56 30th Rooks on the 7th

    17:44 29th Passed Pawns

    18:33 28th Desperado

    19:31 27th Tempo Tactics

    20:37 26th Absolute Pin

    20:53 25th Rook Pin

    21:09 24th Rook-Rook Battery

    21:32 23rd f2/f7 Weakness

    22:04 22nd Double Check

    23:05 21st Bishop-Queen Battery

    S TIER (20th – 11th)

    23:41 20th Skewer

    24:03 19th Zwischenzug

    24:58 18th King Endgame Tactics

    25:31 17th Pawn Breakthrough

    26:04 16th Mating Net

    26:36 15th Mate-in-3+

    27:26 14th Pawn Fork

    27:53 13th Backrank

    28:39 12th Discovered Attack

    29:13 11th Knight Fork

    S+ TIER (10th – 1st)

    29:45 10th Hanging Piece

    30:27 9th Remove the Defender

    31:08 8th Battery

    31:45 7th Bishop Pin

    32:29 6th Zugzwang

    33:31 5th Counter-Threat

    34:16 4th Mate-in-2

    34:45 3rd Pin

    35:19 2nd Fork

    35:55 1st Mate-in-1

  20. Admittedly I didn’t watch all of the video but I’m 9/10 sure trapped piece is to low and you need to analyze more of your games or play stronger guys to see that. Not saying it’s top 10 but near the bottom reveals a lot about who posted lol

  21. how the hell is a trapped piece F Tier? Its one of the ledgends

  22. Your "Mate in 2" scenario was also another example of removing the defender.

  23. this dude is very clearly an amateur player lol

  24. Why would you consider a tactic "bad" just because it's rare? I'm 10mins into the video and you tiered everything "bad" so far because it rarely happens in a game.

  25. Its a treasure video. Many many thanks. I can imagine how much time you would have taken for thi video. Amazing

  26. Honestly knight forks and bishop pins are probably the easiest to see

  27. One time I did a discovered check while doing a fork of rook and bishop

  28. Yep yep counter threat is number 5 example: my rook was under attack so I attacked the queen

  29. If windmill tactic happens in between a game it will be hilarious ngl 😢😂😂😂

  30. Someone teach this kid some chess😂

  31. All Chess tactics app… Free app. Do you you av

  32. some of the not so good tactics can be very good if you create a threat of a tactic and they need to prevent the tactic by making a undesirable move and you end up with better position

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