Alireza’s Controversial Plan Is Working

Hikaru talks about Alireza’s last minute tournament to try to qualify for Candidates through the highest rating spot.


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  1. Anish should organize a tournament with 2500 also than it will be equal 😂😂

  2. didn't ding just do the same thing?? why would this be news now?

  3. I think this cheese is hilarious and it's entirely FIDE's fault. Everyone should maximize the amount of cheese they do to the point where FIDE has to actually regulate chess sanely instead of whistling while turned away pretending things are ok.

    It's not the job of chess players to regulate themselves if they can take actions within the rules in their best personal and competitive interests. It's FIDE's burden to have rules which aren't insane.

  4. What happened to the speedruns dude that's classics Hikaru Hennessy Hennessy Henne – see ya later! That's the content I subbed to see

  5. I completely agree with what Hikaru said. As an Alireza fan it was very annoying seeing him play limited tournaments this year.

  6. The Alireza tournament was absolutely DISGUSTING!!!

  7. Didn’t Ding do this exact same thing last time? He was not qualifying for the candidates so three tournaments were arranged and Ding qualified for the Candidates.

  8. 7:53 Bishop supporting pawn supporting knight supporting rook.

  9. Alireza Firouzja opponents are being shuffled or like rigged and are destined to lose in there games to let Alireza qualify, totally unethical.

  10. How much rating can he gain … I mean aren't they lower rated players ? Also what's up with the profile pic ?

  11. I don't blame Alireza, it's total within the rules. FIDE is to blame to the extent that there should be any blame in the first place.

  12. Maybe kasparov should play 30 games and he can play the candidates then anything can happen

  13. Wait, you are not a professional chess player now? 🤣

  14. what alireza is doing is 100% legal, same as what ding did last time

    IMO that shows the complete lack of character of both players, I think both cases are despicable

  15. Alireza just playing real-life chess. He is truly clever unlike the other npc geeks.

  16. Fide fuc*ed up (as usual). Now they have to accept consequences. They might face lawsuit charges if they don't accept it

  17. How many points will anish win with a 100 game match against his wife?

  18. Rich guy tell others "just deal with it". What a knob

  19. "It's time for Anish Giri to arrange a twelve-game match with his wife, Sopiko Guramishvili" (to qualify for the Candidates Tournament, instead of "French" Phenom, Alireza Firouzja)
    Or, if it's to be "arranged," it could even be a shorter match, with Hikaru Nakamura or Magnus Carlsen, if someone really wanted to make a statement to FIDE! ⚜⚜⚜ – j q t –

  20. How does this differ from what Ding did last year?

  21. Is this a Nnja Express barrelling down the track….cant understand a word at this speed of speech……?????

  22. This is no different than the Soviet Union playing fuck fuck games in the Fischer days.

  23. Firouzja is just showing how incompetent FIDE is and how stupid their Candidates rules actually are. Good for him and respect for calling it "Alireza Firouzja's Race to Candidates" as a slap in the face to see if they're still conscious. The worst part, imo, is that FIDE will probably just find an excuse to not count the tournament (that is legit according to their own rules) and nothing will change. I can only dream of a day were 10 of the top-players are spamming tournaments like this until the last hour of any given year (until FIDE actually changes and overhauls the entire circuit by creating an actual legit circuit)! I'm not even French but i'll say:
    – Fuck it! I hope Firouzja qualifies!

  24. What you're sayingis "it doesn't sit well with me" 👍 He's being legit but not entirely honest.

  25. If people can do this, then couldn’t they continually do this until they beat Magnus’ classical 2882 record? And couldn’t Magnus do the same as well? It just wouldn’t be his style and it’s dirty but nothing is stopping anyone.

  26. FIDE should organise 'play-in' as pre-qualifications for Candidates tournament similar like in NBA. The chess players with ranking from 7th to 10th place should play against each other, and the two best of them could join the first six chess players who had alreday qualified. Imagine tournament with Wesle So, Anish Giri, Gukesh and Alireza. It would be pretty interesting.

  27. The French federation must be sanctioned for this Hikaru. Maybe no more chance for Dominguez and Wesley.

  28. the interest in this interesting development is interesting.

  29. Alireza sees the opportunity to Qualify for the Candidates so he’s pursuing that avenue when you see something you want you do what you can to get it or else you stay empty handed he could’ve done nothing but instead was motivated to go the route that he did I don’t see anything wrong with it since it’s allowed

  30. This idiot will praise Alireza while he will surely criticise Indians

  31. Firouzja is positionally lost in his game today and his opponent agreed to a draw. This is prearranged chess tantamount to cheating! FIDE do something!

  32. When Ding did something similar to enter in the last Candidates, no one criticized him

  33. Alireza already showed himself to be a spoiled and entitled little kid so we shouldn't be surprised.

  34. The real question is: Why does Hikaru pretend he isn't a professional chess player anymore?

  35. This tournament is game fixing. Making chess a circus.

  36. No, you couldn't play some 2500 and beat them every game and get to 2850
    If you or anyone else could do that, you would have done it.

  37. as a chess player maybe its an unwritten rule. you cant just farm your way to the candidates by playing GMs with 200+ rating lower than you.

  38. Very nonsense tournament ever I watch

  39. Alireza will just get stomped in the candidates again. Without elo boosting he'd still be 2650

  40. OMG, when super GMs play weaker opponents they do really good. Someone would find this interesting

  41. “Very cheesy” but you would’ve done the exact same thing if you were in his position 😂

  42. Since FIDE can pretty much do what they want, what they should do is give the last spot to the winner of a tournament between the top 4 ELO players not in the candidates. Make it double round robin (6 games) followed by a 4 game match for the top 2 players.


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