A Puzzle That Tells YOUR Chess Level

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov challenges you with a really interesting chess puzzle that will determine your chess rating level.

Feel free to pause the video, take enough time to calculate the variations, and try to solve this puzzle. After that, you can find out your chess rating level. Also, please let us know the variation(s) you calculated and your chess rating level.

β–Ί Chapters

00:00 This Chess Puzzle Determines Your Rating
00:35 Your Rating Level is 800 IF…
01:25 Your Rating Level is 1000 IF…
01:48 Your Rating Level is 1300 IF…
02:39 Your Rating Level is 1600 IF…
03:25 Your Rating Level is 1800 IF…
04:29 Your Rating Level is 2300 IF…
05:13 Your Rating Level is 2600 IF…
06:46 Your Rating Level is 2700 IF…
07:45 Your Rating Level is 2760 IF…
08:10 How to calculate variations in the middlegame?

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  1. I saw queen h4 but dint see queen c5, I was thinking queen would move somewhere else.
    Also thought maybe white can sack the queen for the rook

  2. I get upto 2600. but still the strongest play for black has to be exchanging the queen + knight for 2 rock

  3. I didn't see Qc5 by white. I found everything else. However, it took me a good 5 minutes.

  4. found the 1600 move within 10 seconds but im 1000 rapid rating hard stuck. fml

  5. that puzzle pretty much overrated me, I am a 2000 and I found the solution of 2760.

  6. I got the 1600 rating and I'm a 500 so i'll defenitly take it

  7. I feel like puzzles are misleading. Like once you know it's a puzzle, you know there's a solution or a winning move but in a real game, it's not that easy or straightforward unless your opponent makes blunders left and right.

  8. jesus.
    and i wanted to castle. do i even wanna know where that puts me to, more precisely?

  9. On the 1600 level White doesn't have to recapture and can just capture your Rook instead. That's why I decided not to go for that line because it doesn't work.

  10. 4:20 I completely missed that the queen could take in my head! I was imagining that the bishop was still there in my calculations, so I just took the pawn with my queen. We'll get 'em next time!
    I think something went wrong in my calculations with Qxb4, because in my mind that was an optional move because it didn't adress the attack at all(I was wrong), so because I didn't think it would affect the game, I completely ignored it, when I shouldn't've. I was completly bind to this move for a while until 7:20!
    Conclusion: Spend more time considering intercepting pieces, and when a piece moves/is revealed to get more squares, i.e. a reveal attack, to make sure I know where all the peices are moving.
    What are your takeaways? Feel free to review with me!

  11. i spotted the 2700 lvl and tbh it was easy to find ._., well i did get the 2700 but my real elo is 614😭

  12. Take, here, here, take, there, there, mate in 5.
    Whats my rating now? Wahahahahahaha.

  13. I don't actually play chess….
    But I did everything needed for the 2700 πŸ˜…
    It took me about 2 minutes, so I don't know if that's ok or not.
    However!!! I'm also convinced that it was a fluke 😊

  14. Got the 1600 easily, still at 700 though lol

  15. I saw the 1600 level, and I donΒ΄t know why but that kind of motivates me

  16. seems accurate, i was only able to calculate to 1600 πŸ™‚ which is what i'm usually playing. It became complicated for me after queen takes rook and pawn not taking the bishop but of course i didn't think that it can just go forward to g3 after my Rg8…

  17. so basically, for reaching the highest rating, you just need to throw all your strong pieces to that top left corner where king is as fast as possible πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

  18. Freid Leming, Worlds Rootin'est Tootin'est Milkman says:

    I moved the a pawn up to protect the rook. Rating: 19.

  19. Now I know Im still in the beginner stage thx to this video; im still rated 800.

  20. Extremely instructional. One of my biggest challenges is hone my thought process and get some sense as to the level of analysis necessary to keep improving. This video gave me that perspective. You have a unique talent to clearly communicate these concepts. It gives me more passion to improve my game, even at the age of 72!

  21. I don't think that I am a 2600 rated player, I thought I was lower but hey I'll take it-

  22. I found another variation: Black takes knight, white queen takes rook, Black Bishop takes the pawn that didnt strike back from earlier, white takes black bishop, Black rook comes to g8 (giving a check), white king to 1h (there arent any other moves) and the black queen takes pawn at 4h giving checkmate. Now please respond to this cuz I spent much time and I really wanna know my rating (I cant think this clearly during games). 😒

  23. okay how the f did i find the 2700 path as a 800???πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ i was watching and just allways asked why cant i just take the pawn with queen and thought it wouldnt work somehow till the end lmao

  24. seriously I am 12 year old but I found Qh4 easily in starting but I don't play chess too much

  25. dog im 500 and i got the 1600 answer in 5 seconds

  26. Im 750 and this guy telling me that im 2300 πŸ’€

  27. New to chess. Saw bishop takes knight and rook moves over and saw my rook was hanging.

  28. Bruh my elo is 648 and i got rating of 1600

  29. I have tried to play this puzzle with AI and found that the strongest 3rd move of whites was not Qc5 or Qc3, but Qg4 (get black rook). At least, after this move whites still have some little chances.

  30. I am 1100 but i calculated till the 1800 level but i blundered the queen the next move as i calculated so i know why i am not 1800.

  31. I'm 400 and I got the 1300 solution. I have been on a losing streak though and I might fall to 200 elo.

  32. I am 800 rated on rapid and 1800 on puzzles and I spotted the initial idea of blacks attack on 1600 instantly, acknowledging that taking the knight would give my queen an option to checkmate after rook check, although I couldn’t work out what to do if they never took. and completely discarded what would happen if queen takes rook πŸ˜‚these videos are really helpful as often ficsate on one idea rather than what counter moves my opponent has. Great advice πŸ‘ especially for low players like my self.

  33. i don't think this thing is real i am 900 and i made it to the 2700 and it wasn't that hard at all so this puzzle don't really show your level because chess is more than just calculations and tactics

  34. I spotted up to 1800 but technically I calculated a similar concept from the upper variations. 4:20 ok so instead of rook to g4, I was thinking that we use the pawns to kick the queen away or force her to take to then use our queen to take that h4 pawn. Same idea except it would go like this maybe: 1st: c5, Qxc5, Qxh4 (game over). 2nd: a5, Qxa5, Qxh4(Game over). There is potential for a skewer and the queen capturing a rook but it won’t matter as next move is checkmate for black anyways. Currently rated 1300 (was rated 1000 4 days ago btw). Kinda cool to see o have potential unless I’m wrong on those variations. I at least got to 1800

  35. Spoiler Warning!

    So very quickly I saw the bishop takes g2 move and calculated most of that line correctly, except for the fact that my rook was hanging and that I didn't notice that moving the rook to g4 would get it taken by the pawn and I completely missed rook g8. However, as I finished calculating that line (took a few minutes) before seeing the answer I noticed my rook was hanging and they didn't need to retake with the pawn, and I struggled to find a good move. I eventually landed on queen d6 but wasn't very confident that it was the best move. (I at no point did I ever see that rook g8 check in that other line, it was out of my tunnel vision lmao).

    So I almost fully saw a 1600 idea with a couple added blunders, and saw the 1800 idea on the horizon but couldn't execute on it, and missed many simple 800 and less level mistakes. I have no idea what my rating is lmao

  36. i am 1200 and found 2300 πŸ˜€ correction i found the offensive 2700 but didnt think of the check so guess 2300

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