A Difference between Chess.com and lichess 😳


  1. lichess is good. Free lesson and unlimited chess puzzles and free yt videos more than 500, analysis openings. No need to sign up. Free chess

  2. Let's respect and enjoy both ways, since they offer different but enjoyable experiences!

  3. So lichess is the same rules as the most important championships?

  4. Am i the only one I've been recommended this vide like 15 times even though i have watched it 7 or 8 times 🤯

  5. i agree with the uscf rules here, online chess is on a different level than otb chess

  6. US is like "I'm not like other girls. " of all the countries.

  7. Lichess da goat

    and i mean fide is more important though🙄

  8. 1 in million chances to check mate like this

  9. So lichess is right because World > USA
    The US thinks they're so cool making their own rules and shit

  10. I like lichess better just cuz there I'm 1000

  11. Maybe there should be an elo cap for the FIDE rules because most players wouldn’t intentionally block their king to get mated, but if it’s under 1000 elo than anything goes really.

  12. So basically, if a player has only a knight and king, and the opponent has all the pieces, all the pawns, queen, rooks, etc, can he still win on time? Seems like FIDE rules are totally impractical.

  13. But the chess was invented in india😎

  14. Even these differences, I still prefer using them because both of their performance are great.

  15. I LOVE THIS PRELUDE it was one of my first Chopin pieces

  16. Even though lichess's logic makes sense, black can check again and again and sac the rook

  17. Imagine rook vs knight and the person with rook has 3 seconds and sacrifices the rook as much as they can but the person with the knight doesn’t take the rook and flags them 😂

  18. Well I mean it’s technically not possible to force them into that position unless they’re trying to lose. Therefore you gotta be very bad at the game to achieve that position

  19. Basically, according to USCF, insufficient material means the player cannot force a checkmate, while Fide says it's no longer possible to checkmate. It's funny that in that position, according to Fide, Black's rook literally loses game.

  20. It is a win because it is still can be checkmate , position example : black king on a1 and black rook on b1 and white king on a3 and night on c2 it is a checkmate

  21. “White flagged the black pieces.”

    What does that mean?

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