7 ranked games – chess evolved online

chess evolved online ranked games
sorry if i click the screen too much
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0:00 vs acoe
0:59 made a mistake by moving militia he could have taken it with vamp++ and it would suck
1:23 literally made the same mistake by blocking legio+ but he didnt take it again lol
6:48 vs pompiap
he had comet so not sure why he surrendered like that
7:24 vs mapu1
not sure what the idea was with the princess++ moves
9:10 vs cjylooploop434
10:14 probably a mistake since he could have taken with bishop+ then i trade then he gets gslime+
10:48 vs jownsall
12:56 vs privacc
14:41 he could have teleported poison+ to fork queen++ and rguard++
15:16 vs adishman86

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