5 top tips for improving your online chess rating

I share my best five tips for getting your online chess rating on chess.com or lichess.org going UP… picked up from my own experience. Apply these and you will improve!

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  1. You look like Christopher Lambert in this video…🤔

  2. I always use move confirm. It’s extremely helpful 👍

  3. Great video. Can you learn anything from being beaten time after time by the same player? My brother in law only plays me and always wins. His accuracy rating always is over 90%

  4. I was losing and losing until I played blitz (10min). Win after win after win. Makes me wonder wether I'm better as an intuitive player, or if many people use chess engines while playing the longer games.(?) Because time restraint games is my least favourite, and I play way better while having the time I need.

    The only thing I learned is, play faster games while not giving a s..t!

  5. I don't understand why Chess.com doesn't have move confirm on the website I use it on Lichess and it's super handy to prevent mouse slips. Solid advice on how to improve thanks for the upload.

  6. информация со всех сторон says:

    Brilliant content. Thank you 🙂

  7. wow that was really effective I needed that.

  8. This video is for noobs because these are the basics of how to play chess the right way

  9. You keep saying 30 minute rapid, isn't anything over 25 minutes considered classical?

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