2800 Elo Botez Gambit

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0:00 Intro
1:01 Game 1
4:23 Game 2
9:57 Game 3
14:50 Queen Blunder

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  1. i thought u are crying when u said have u ever lost 60,000$ 😂

  2. Blundering a queen for me is like breathing oxygen

  3. This is a big win for Hikaru and I'm glad that he won!!! I can only imagine that Wesley is depressed after this loss.

  4. Studies actually show it’s FAR more equitable to spend money on your kids education when they’re younger, rather than older

  5. The title should have been “Pawn worth $60000”

  6. Have blundered the queen but never lost $60,000 forget 60 never seen above 10k in the bank

  7. How exactly can you blunder 60k because of a game of chess. It's so stupid and idiotic. Why DID the queen even cost 60,000 dollars?

  8. Yeah, I have blundered my queen, but instead of losing 60k I lost patience and elo points

  9. Damn ever since I’ve started watching gothams videos I’ve been leveling up in chess. A few months ago I challenged a 1700 and played 5 games with the person. I lost all the games and as thanks for he’s patience I sent him a friend request and told him I’ll challenge him in a month once I’m at he’s level. Currently I’m at 1200 and I feel like soon I’ll be at 1300.

  10. there are still fights but there not as secret so most get closed down

  11. Is Levy saying that instead of paying for expensive private school for your preschooler, you should just let construction workers harass them on the street?

  12. Levi your content always brightens my day, you have singlehandedly inspired me to get back into chess and improve my rating. Your lessons have improved my play by almost 3x improving to 1550 elo

  13. I've never played for even a $100, let alone $60,000. Of course I've left pieces hanging let alone blundered one that got trapped.

  14. "Hikaru can get away with not playing D4 because he is Hikaru, if you play like this you are going to lose". Loved that, liked the video because of it

  15. Hikaru is so good, he makes his opponents blunder their queen. Truly the chess player of all time.

  16. “Have you ever blundered your queen in chess?”

    That's….why I'm here

  17. Well I have never had 60000 dollars to lose to be honest

  18. Wesley blundering Re1 at in the first game was a more primitive, beginner like mistake than that queen blinder in the last game

  19. are u gonna go pro in chess like anna and alex shocked emoji

  20. Please continue making stockfish sound like cartman, that shit is perfect and your impersonation is 8/10

  21. Not a bad Cartman impression. Make it a little higher pitch.

  22. We get it Levi u hate stockfish i hate him also

  23. Hikaru pretending to hang a single innocent pawn to win the game. That man, that man…

  24. The best part of paying 60,000$ for your kid to go a private/high-end school is that your kid still comes out brain dead.

  25. wouldn't knight e4 be a move to trade queens tho? I'm a beginner pls correct me if I am wrong

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