2800 Elo Botez Gambit

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0:00 Intro
1:01 Game 1
4:23 Game 2
9:57 Game 3
14:50 Queen Blunder

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  1. I approve of the cart man impersonation and continuation of it

  2. The fact he just totally ignored the en passant is mind blowing

  3. your cartman impression is so good dude I'm on the floor laughing

  4. play super smash bros ultimate VS me

  5. the cartman impression takes these videos to another level

  6. what about Ke4 and after white knight takes, Qa2 or Qe2

  7. Hi Levy. I know you pin hateful comments. Although I love you, I would like to say that I hate you.

  8. levy: comment chess like usual
    points out a problem about the american education system
    gets back to chess

  9. Stockfish as Cartman makes my Game Reviews much less sad

  10. Just been in a losing situation but my opponent timed out

  11. Sure no one can be happy not winning 60,000$, but Wesley surely wasn't thinking "of all the ways I could lose right now, I won't ever lose because my queen gets trapped…." 😛

  12. That cartman impression on was point LMAO

  13. Seriously impressive Cartman impression

  14. Glad I watched the whole thing. This is so great and entertaining! 🙌👍👍👏👏👏👏👏

  15. oh yes fights do still happen at schools but the difference is the fights happen in and during school

  16. im sorry nut levy as cartman is the funniest thing ive seen

  17. yes, kids still do fight but now it’s in the bathrooms

  18. Oh yeah they fight in the bathroom about every day or so

  19. I love how Levy's films are so well delivered, I mean a quality of both content and execution. You can barely see any cuts, the topics are funny, interesting and usually mindblowing and to appreciate it even more – there is no background music whatsoever, which the video doesn't need to be watchable and entertaining.

  20. Not really in my school fights just happen, rarely but they happen

  21. As a kid in middle school fights just randomly breakout now a days in the hallways

  22. When you tell you girlfriend that you have a big one
    Your girlfriend: 8:17

  23. How come after Wesley moves queen to E3, hikaru can't checkmate on rook takes f6?

  24. Video starts levy😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑

  25. never lost 60k but I have indeed blundered my queen, at least 4 times today I unintentionally traded my queen after taking my opponents queen.

  26. Not going to brag but i actualy saw the queen trap as a 600

  27. I haven't lost 60,000$ to a queen but I did lost them to my ex 🗿

  28. most kids today are pussies, wont fight wont get cut and when they get to the real world, they'd be left with nothing but utter despair

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