2800 Elo Botez Gambit

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0:00 Intro
1:01 Game 1
4:23 Game 2
9:57 Game 3
14:50 Queen Blunder

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  1. This video's previous thumbnail was 'This queen is worth $60, 000'.

  2. I straight up thought it was gonna be a 1 move blunder.

  3. you have to deal this issue with public park fights

  4. sadly no fights dont happen anymore people just beef like how girls do.

  5. An explanation of how game 3 would continue would be useful to us rubbish players who need things spelled out.
    I see the Nc4 is guarding black queen's escape to A3, but what would happen if black played Bd5 to attack Nc4?

  6. 7:21 high schooler here, British but doesn’t matter. No, we just cyberbully each other now ngl

  7. at 15 my school settle arguments with basketball 💀💀 ,, ball dont lie

  8. If I had to pay a dollar every time I blundered a Queen, I might have lost $60,000.

  9. 7:40 nah, sadly we don’t do that no more. So our generation is a bunch of pathetic losers who don’t know what it’s like to be attacked, but I’ve grown in a very aggressive household so I’m out of the woods.

  10. Chess can be brutal … 😅😅😅

  11. i am pretty sure i blundered my queen like 8 times one game, but like, they dont see it

  12. maybe people would be more inclined to watch your video fully if you knew what you were talking about. you can only explains the minimal basics of a position and need the computer for the rest

  13. you can of course make shoes so expensive that they cost 60,000 dollars. But I doubt that a shoe is that much better to wear than shoes to 500 dollars. So it is throwing money out of the window

  14. Yes we do still go to the park and fight or friends houses

  15. The fights still happen but sometimes there are wepons involved afterschool so they are more dangerous

  16. OMG. Cartman-Stockfish had me dying laughing! Funniest shit ever.

  17. i couldnt imagine paying 80% a year in taxes either :/ poor europe

  18. My little bro is 14 and I can confirm that they still fight and as a good big bro I obviously tell him too duck the cameras 😀 and fight outside School premis haha

  19. I love to play the blunder the queen gambit, it's my favorite 😂

  20. I blundered my queen early then i promoted my pawn in to a check mate so satifying

  21. 1. Yes
    2. i don't have that much money + I am in Philippines

  22. Cant believe you're only 27? Thats weird. You feel like my chess dad and im 23 💀

  23. Wow, you neg your audience ever couple of minutes. This is so not my vibe. Is this what happens when your viewers are mostly men?

  24. Fortunately a chess audience is generally going to be patient and more intelligent so they will want to understand what gets to the meme moment instead of these impatient zoomer children

  25. "Back in my day," … "I'm 27."
    How cute…

  26. I don’t have to take the queen, I have to steal her heart instead to take it.

  27. Levy is a great youtuber to watch while eating pesto ravioli to

  28. 10:05, me searching for another video cuz I got bored
    Levi: congrats on over 10 minute attention span
    Me: f you Levi watches till the end

  29. As soon as it was So vs Hikaru, I thought, how did So blunder?

  30. Stockfish rated 3600, a machine leagues above any human ever. Levy: probably sounds like cartman…. dead 😀

  31. It all started with my mom and my dad they had me Ryan or whatever is that meme😂

  32. I have 450 Elo but I can still beat someone 950 Elo proven by my stats

  33. in my country, we get PAID to be in college!!

  34. “Now get outta here” – Levy Rozman March 28, 2023

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