21 Crucial Chess Concepts (Rating Range: 1000-1500)

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  1. I've seen a bunch of your videos! This one helped a lot! Ty sir 💪

  2. 5:48 I dont understand he was talking then suddenly said "goodnight" then went to the next concept

  3. Ello mates
    I can't here you
    Aiai captain

  4. Do these rules only apply to intermediate players ?

    AND I'M 900

  6. These concept are so useful. The object of this video is to give us the examples and others variant of the main ideas which are Don't weak your position, activate your pieces and safe guard your king.

  7. why does it feel like this is an old video of his, reuploaded? i mean the tips are still useful and the video is still high quality, but it just feels like this was uploaded 5 years ago somehow

  8. Day 24 chalenge chess but Martin moves twice If You get checked in Martin first move you'll lose 😢

  9. 1000-1500=-500, that's exactly my ELO.

  10. You're fantastic at finding teachable moments and breaking down concepts in a very streamlined way. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.

  11. Wow, I didnt expect to be in his video, thanks)

  12. Nice Thumbnails Mr Lopez👍💪and real good Content ❤😊

  13. This is so useful. It makes me a lawyer.

  14. 21 критическая ошибка новичка в шахматах?

  15. Love these types of videos, super helpful 😃

  16. Great source of concepts. If you could compile concepts for ratings >1500 that would be awesome.
    Btw, that happened to concept 8? It seems it was skipped.

  17. This stream was super helpful to me but you took it to the next level by condensing it into these concepts!! Tysm for all your hard work and amazing content!


  19. Кажется, Нельсон прочёл книгу Максима Омариева, аха

  20. you remember when you tried the, no pawn-move challenge against martin ? well I just tried and it went like that : (I’m white) : 1. Nc3 e5 2. Nh3 Bc5 3. Ne4 Bb6 4. Ng1 Ne7 5. Nf3 c6 6. Nxe5 Rf8 7. Nd6#

  21. At my chess club we call concept #21 the "Fun Police" because it's kind of a drag when the opponent is up a little bit and decides to force a bunch of exchanges and eliminate all counterplay.

  22. Hi!
    One of your concepts need a bit more thought.
    Concept 5…
    Your attempt to explain the concept , I understand… But the position on your board setup does not make sense in regards to the next best move. I’m assuming you were commenting on someone’s game?
    The pawn on e4? What are we going to do about it?
    I’d like to know why we would not take it?

  23. Appreciate you getting right to it without a big intro!

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