2 Chess Rules To Reach 2000 ELO Rating

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov teaches the 2 important ideas (chess rules) that will improve your rating drastically and help you reach 2000 Elo rating and beyond in no time.

The main problem with most chess players is that they start learning some ideas in chess, they make some progress, and reach a rating between 1400-1800. But after that certain level, they can’t progress any further and are stuck at that rating level. Their ratings go up and down a little bit, but they remain in that level.

Recently, GM Smirnov has been analyzing the results and the progress of the RCA students who increased their ratings drastically, and he found that these 2 ideas helped them make a breakthrough in their chess progress.

► Chapters

00:00 2 Ideas to Double Your Chess Rating
00:26 Stuck at 1400-1800 Rating? How to progress?
01:04 Pursuing an idea and wishing it works
03:21 1) How to go forward & attack the opponent
04:15 2) Golden Rule of Attack in Chess
05:39 Example-2
08:00 Secret to reach 2000 chess rating
10:02 Can you find the winning move?

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  1. Why are you ignoring the b4 move by the pawn to threaten both knights in example 2. That seems like the obvious best move

  2. fantastic vid. you earned a new sub. ive been stuck at 1800 for years. will look into your course…

  3. is the last move qf7 then kh8 is forced qf7 then black rxf8 is forced then rf8 and checkmate i cant find any counter but that may just be me being bad at chess lol

  4. Your English has greatly improved in the last 8 years or so since your first releases.

  5. "When you found a good move, look for a better one" some chess master from the past

  6. Hikaru now has 7.200 Elo rating after watching this video

  7. at 7:03 couldn’t you just sacrifice the queen to f7 and finish with rook to d8?

  8. Double my rating? I can’t wait to be 3000 elo

  9. solution to the puzzle:

    queen f7 check, queen f8 sacrifice and then rook f8 checkmate

  10. That first example is such a good teaching experience. I obviously found that checkmate and wanted to make it happen. I looked at other options – but just removing that knight with my knight seemed so easy. I thought I was being smart, but I walked right into your trap.

  11. I'm stuck at 1750-1850 blitz and can't progress. What should I do to get to 2000?

  12. 1. Git gud
    2. Be named Magnus or Carlssen

  13. Thank you so much! Great explanation and really, really helpful! In less than a day, I have increased my score. Thanks again!

  14. I have noticed that when I do puzzles, I see a certain idea and stare at it. However, some of the times, I have to give up on it to find another parallel idea that readily works. That is value of doing puzzles (besides just the obvious working on a tactic). Puzzles teaches you that you have to be open to consider many things and to give up on lines that just lack the full setup. LOL

  15. I think it is 1. Qf7+ Kh8 2. Qf8+ Rxf8 3. Rxf8#

  16. Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess is a free book that explains the final problem presented here! And it’s FREE BOBBY FISCHER LESSONS!!

  17. Haven't watched the video yet but hope I get the 400 points I need for 2000

  18. Thanks, super helpful video!

    Qf7 Kh8 ; Qf8 Rf8 ; Rf8#

  19. Found rook e8 and im 1100 (real rating) and for the puzzle it's Qf7+ and then it's basically a back rank mate

  20. Rule 1 : Beat the 1900s
    Rule 2 : Lose to 2100s

  21. Plot twist, everyone watches the video and follows the rules, 2000 elo becomes 1000 elo. Reverse elo inflation

  22. that awkward moment when you saw every he was trying to show you you could easily miss and also see moves he missed that were way better lol. He missed just a straight up knight fork with a pawn lol. Made up this elaborate tactic and it was just a single move attack lol. Also Queen check king moves queen down check rook takes rook takes mate. So now what do i do if im stuck at like 1200 and already try to think like this. :'{

  23. Love your videos! For me, Chess is a hobby. My top ELO rating plateaued around ~1650. At some point a chess player has to make a decision on how much time they want to devote to the game. I don't think most casual players will approach 2000 ELO without serious study and a large time commitment to the game to study various lines, etc. It's perfectly find to be a casual player of chess and end up with an ELO between 1200-1800. If you do get up near ~1800 ELO, you will be able to beat most other casual players of chess. But getting to 2000 or higher is going to take a serious time commitment in learning opening lines, endgame theory, etc. — that is time you would have to pull away from other things.

    Just keep that in mind if you play chess and feel frustrated. Its perfectly fine to end up in the casual player's ELO range and never get higher — some people just don't have the time investment necessary to break through to higher ELO ranges.

    I remember a long time ago when I was in high school playing football and asked my coach how I could get better. My coach said, "run faster, anticipate further ahead, but most importantly, practice!" — Sometimes you just can't run any faster or look further ahead until you spend a lot of time practicing to either increase your core strength or train your mind to see patterns and outcomes much further down the road that it currently can see. That's a lot like chess — eventually the way you see the game just fundamentally changes and you punch through to a higher ELO range.

    I will never give an IM or GM a challenging game but I have played IMs and GMs that were nice enough to ask me, "Why did you just do that?" when I made a blunder, etc.

    Every move you make in a game of chess could be a decent move and yet you will still lose. That doesn't mean you played poorly, just that the other person played much stronger than you. If I could give one piece of advice to lower ranked ELO players, I would say to play online games via chess.com or other sites such that you can play an entire game without making a blunder move. Just try to play consistently without making a blunder and your chess game ELO ranking should move to somewhere between 1450-1800 ELO.

    Once you get up near 1800 ELO and can play consistently, in order to get to the next higher range of 1850-2200 ELO, you will need to practice, practice and practice more and be able to visualize the patterns much further out.

  24. I wanted to let you Know that these simple concepts have already improved my play. Thank you so much for sharing these simple but impactful ideas to help me improve my chess game.

  25. move the queen on f7 forcing king behind pawns to h8, sac queen on f8, rook to f8 for checkmate

  26. online cheating is a real problem though hard to tell my actual rating because people cheat so much

  27. Rule #1: Don't lose all your pieces. 🙂

  28. Literally got stuck on my first plan when checkmating on the puzzle. Checked with qf7 Kh8 Qe7 didn’t see Kg8 didn’t see the queen sack went to go write my rook sac on the back rank so the queen could checkmate.😂 doomed to stay 1200

  29. Im 400 elo rating. How long do you think it will take me to get to 2000 using thosetips?

  30. what I do is scan for unguarded pieces it took a long time to see before but now I can see it in just a glance.
    works most of the time
    queen check, king goes away, queen check then sac, then rook mate

  31. Why didn't he fork the knights with three pawn in the third game?

  32. White to move for the win: 1. Qf7+ Kh8 2. Qf8+ Rxh8 3.Rxh8#

  33. Brilliant video, as always!

    For the 2nd example @7:06, I was thinking:
    Pawn to b4, forking black's 2 knights. Then black captures on e5, recapture with queen on e5, finally black retreats one of his knights and I capture the other with my b4 pawn.

    Similar result but with an extra piece?

  34. This truly was the most inspiring chess video I have ever seen. Spot on observations.

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