2 Chess Rules To Reach 2000 ELO Rating

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov teaches the 2 important ideas (chess rules) that will improve your rating drastically and help you reach 2000 Elo rating and beyond in no time.

The main problem with most chess players is that they start learning some ideas in chess, they make some progress, and reach a rating between 1400-1800. But after that certain level, they can’t progress any further and are stuck at that rating level. Their ratings go up and down a little bit, but they remain in that level.

Recently, GM Smirnov has been analyzing the results and the progress of the RCA students who increased their ratings drastically, and he found that these 2 ideas helped them make a breakthrough in their chess progress.

► Chapters

00:00 2 Ideas to Double Your Chess Rating
00:26 Stuck at 1400-1800 Rating? How to progress?
01:04 Pursuing an idea and wishing it works
03:21 1) How to go forward & attack the opponent
04:15 2) Golden Rule of Attack in Chess
05:39 Example-2
08:00 Secret to reach 2000 chess rating
10:02 Can you find the winning move?

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  1. What were the two rules? I dont think that was obvious.

  2. I must have been playing chess for about a decade but I'm still stuck at around 700 rating.

  3. In the last game why would you not play b4 forking both knights?

  4. In the last Puzzle:

    1. Queen to F7 for Check : King has to move over to the corner
    2. Queen To F8 for Check: Rook must take
    3. Rook to F8 for Mate

  5. I have stuck between 1000-1100
    Can someone give me some advice?

  6. My answer is Qf7+, Kh8, Qf8+, Rxf8, Rxf8#

  7. When he says 2x my rating is 2000 it's funny ue thinks I'm over 600😂😂

  8. Df7! Kh8, Df8! Txf8, Txf8!# Thank you for your insights.

  9. Your videos are by far the best I have ever watched to learn chess, I have progressed so much in a short amount of time. Keep up the amazing work and thank you 😉

  10. Baydrix New Zealand War Robot Fanatics says:

    Dammmb nice… subscribed and alerts 🤜

  11. I’m just … shit . And not getting any better … !

  12. rook takes on d8 is forced smothered mate after Qf7 Kh1 Qg8 Rxg8 knight to f7 mate

  13. I just got my fide rating having completed my second ever tournament. Landed on 1646 which is decent but I strive much higher.

    This is the first time ever seeing your videos and I am tomorrow buying your course. You have an excellent way of teaching which is far, far, far from other people I've seen.

    Looking forward to it!

  14. W: Q f7+, B: K h8, W: Q f8+, B: Rxf8, W: Rxf8 # 🙂

  15. Really good teacher. I have seen some of nakamura's videos and carlsen's videos but they are talking like the all of their viewers are GMs. Igor really understands how beginners would play such positions and he is really trying to make all of us understand what is going on

  16. Queen f7 check King moves then Queen g8 check than rook takes on g8 than rook g8 checkmate

  17. Oh my god! It’s like you can read my mind! Are you a jedi? 😅

  18. Qf7+ kh8 only move qf8+ only move rxf8 fallowed bye rxf8#

  19. 1. Q to K B 7th, K to K R sq.
    2. Q to K B 8th, R takes Q.
    3. R to K B 8th checkmate!

  20. Q to f7 check. king moves to h8. Q to f8. Rook takes Q f8. w rook takes black rook f8 checkmate.

  21. Hi Igor, not clear how Rd8 is !!? if it is captured by his Rook , what is the follow up?

  22. My huge weakness is having 3000 puzzle rating but I have 1600 rapid rating

  23. 1:21 Rb6 to Rh6. in my first thinking i want the Knight go to f3 Square but its to slow. I find Rb6 in 1min

  24. 7:40 Rd8?? What happen if black take Knight on e5. I think Rd8 is blunder

  25. queen to f7 wins in 2 more moves as king is trapped in corner

  26. Checkmate at the end: White Queen f7 check, Black king h8, White queen f8 check, Rook takes queen on f8, White Rook f8 checkmate

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