2 Chess Rules To Reach 2000 ELO Rating

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov teaches the 2 important ideas (chess rules) that will improve your rating drastically and help you reach 2000 Elo rating and beyond in no time.

The main problem with most chess players is that they start learning some ideas in chess, they make some progress, and reach a rating between 1400-1800. But after that certain level, they can’t progress any further and are stuck at that rating level. Their ratings go up and down a little bit, but they remain in that level.

Recently, GM Smirnov has been analyzing the results and the progress of the RCA students who increased their ratings drastically, and he found that these 2 ideas helped them make a breakthrough in their chess progress.

► Chapters

00:00 2 Ideas to Double Your Chess Rating
00:26 Stuck at 1400-1800 Rating? How to progress?
01:04 Pursuing an idea and wishing it works
03:21 1) How to go forward & attack the opponent
04:15 2) Golden Rule of Attack in Chess
05:39 Example-2
08:00 Secret to reach 2000 chess rating
10:02 Can you find the winning move?

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  1. You mention going forward with your pieces as something good to do. But when do you start going forward with pawns? Is that just in the endgame? Or is it something that you like to do as soon as possible

  2. Hey Handsome. Another great video. I saw the rook move. Keep up the good work. I am using your suggestions and raising my rating slowly.

  3. 1. Use an engine
    2. Let the chess speak for itself

  4. i am 1960 bullet and 1964 rapid, will let you know if this works

  5. Doesn't pawn on B4 forks the knights?

  6. Thank you, I actually doubled my ELO in a day!!

    My current ELO is 0

  7. My personal trick in chess is to think what my opponent could reply after the move I'm thinking of, or if the move somehow forces him/her to make a specific move ( for example, attacking his king with a queen or a horse .. )

  8. Attacking the bishop was my first intuiton and would go from there but I would not see the the checkmate in 3. How can I practice on that?

  9. puzzle : Queen F7 -> King H8 -> Queen F8 -> B Rook F8 -> W Rook F8

  10. So what I understood :
    1. Don't head down to a strat and keep being open minded and adaptative
    2. Always check for counter attacks instead of backing ("attack is the best defense" Anonymous)

    from another of your videos :
    3. Trade for trade is a bad move, trade must be relevant in a way
    4. Try adding the one more threat before performing your plan ("the straw that broke the camel's back" Anonymous)

    And I will add some more for beginners :
    5. Rethink every good idea in case you would be missing a better one
    6. Don't let you being intimidated by a menacing move, as your emotional will gain the upper hand over your intellect, stay focus and unaffected

  11. This is true. I read the rules, and now have 4000 rating.

  12. Let me summarize for y'all: Higher rating comes with better calculation.
    Also, tbh screw a rating unless you play semi-professional or professional tournaments. Just win games and analyze both your games and those of higher rated players. Be patient. Like, really patient. It'll pay off and is fun.

  13. Is 1000 considered the most common intermediate rating? I went to one in person tournament when I was between 1200 and 1300 and got blocked with 3 children who all beat me. It was demoralizing. However Noone who I know who casually plays can best me

  14. ok but wasn't there a forced mate in the 2nd example?

  15. knight f5! i saw it in two seconds im a genius! ….ooo o ok im not🥲

  16. Me being 1600
    My mind: imma be the next Stockfish with 3200

  17. wow, self promotion and useless motivational memes. where do I send my checks?

  18. Puzzle:
    W Queen F7 check
    B King H8
    W Queen F8 check
    B Rook F8 take Queen
    W Rook F8 checkmate

  19. I can't get above 1200 on lichess. I'm just a shockingly weak wood pusher.

  20. its all about forced moves even if you have mate plan just keep playing forced moves

  21. Buy a copy of Jeremy Silman's book – How to Reassess Your Chess. It took me 3 months to carefully work through every problem with a GUI and after that my rating broke 2000 in a short space of time. Even going to 2248 on evil bullet chess. I wouldn't recommend playing bullet a great deal, you're only fooling yourself. It is fun, but doesn't teach you much.

  22. Final puzzle looks to me (as a chess noob) :
    W: Queen to f7 defended by the rook on f1
    B: King has to move to h8
    W: Queen to f8, still defended by f1 rook
    B: Can only take the queen with rook h1 to f8
    W: Rook f1 takes rook on f8
    B: is checkmated

  23. We should show magnus carlsen this video. He'll be 5500 rated in no time

  24. White Q to f7 check, black K moves back to H8, then q to F8, rook takes Queen then white rook to F8 check mate

  25. Winning move for white- move queen to check king in back rank, let rook take queen, then white capture back with rook

  26. Engines Pondering in 0.2 seconds
    Ponder means thinking in opponents turn. Please for god sake beginners, Think of next move and do mate puzzles. Get a life in the opening.

  27. Wasn't b4 just straight up winning a knight in second puzzle, I mean if we can eliminate even one piece before attacking it is only gonna help us isn't it.

  28. My first idea was rook b6 and swinging it over to h6 but I did not even notice the sacrifice that was awesome. Good advice sometimes we always tunnel vision on a plan even if it's not meant to be

  29. How do I earn a coupon code for your course?

  30. 1. Be a good chess player
    2. Do not be a bad chess player

  31. Cant you just go qf7 check then after rook take queen its rook d8 mate?

  32. There's a phrase repeated several times in this video that I can't hear properly – first instance at about 6.03. It sounds a bit like 'pawns half the board.' I've slowed it down, but I still can't understand it.

  33. The first idea that popped in my head was …Nf5 d5 Nh4 gxh4 and Rb6 Lol

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