1600 Rated Chess is TERRIBLE

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  1. He probably Said He is advanced in the beginning so He got a high staring Rating He couldnt compete with

  2. Bro why can't I have such bad opponents like i'm stuck at 778 because i keep getting opponents who know each and every oppennings

  3. My theory is homeboy tried a new opening he found out about on Chessable, messed up the sequence and from now on will only play the London.

  4. Nah bro they're legit 1600, you just make them look like garbage

  5. New players start at 1600, I bet it was their first game.

    I'm 1600 and okay Daily, I'm constantly paired with people who never play a move and the game aborts. It's destroying my chesslife!

  6. That's what happens when you don't know your openings as black, anyone that plays the benoni knows exd5 is probably a better move and more fundamentally if you play fxe6 you should never play g6 you just create too many open lines

  7. qe7 looking for be6 is the most sub 900 thing i’ve ever seen in my life, anyone higher would just develop and castle

  8. Oh dude I'm from Iran 🇮🇷 and so is that guy.. imma be honest everyone I play with that is iranian in chess plays EXACTLY like that. Except for me 🙂 but obviously jk they all good

  9. Bro I’m 800 and I have ppl who play waaay better then this

  10. Man i am 600 rated but i have complex pawn chain matches, not some skewer matches.. uh

  11. I'm about 1780 now and I play like a dumbass some bullets, worse than a 1200. It happens just sometimes or like u messed up the first moves and have no interest in going further so u give away ur pieces.

  12. A 300 rated elo creating new account to advanced level thus fetching 1600points.

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