1600 Rated Chess is TERRIBLE

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  1. I'm having a little trouble hitting 1200 I'm at 1130- 1150

  2. How is this even 1600. Must be at max 800.

  3. Na that was probably me. I always rage lose and sacrifice everything when I make one mistake

  4. Inflation on online ratings can be INSANE to like 600 or more ELO. That person played like a 1000 OTB at best.

  5. I’m 2100 and I don’t remember 1600s being this trash 😂

  6. That's my Iranian bro 😂🔥 good job man 💀

  7. White listed 😂😂😂 just kidding.

  8. So i am rated 600 and my games are very long and interesting. Wth

  9. I just started playing chess yesterday and i have 800 points is that good? For a beginner 😅

  10. It’s prob a low elo player with a new account

  11. If you think that's horrible, then duel Martin while being tired, i lost to him TWICE.

  12. He’s probably cheating and didn’t cheat that game

  13. The waffle house has found its new host 🔣

  14. I’m m 750 my opponent was 800 I went from losing at -m2 to winning at m1

  15. 𝑻𝑎𝑖𝑻𝑎𝑖シ︎ says:

    The waffle house has found it's new host

  16. youre opponent real rating is probably 800

  17. Are you sure there's hope bro? I went down 250 points in just 2 hrs.

  18. No hope for me when I started at 200 a week ago and only just got back to it through like 15 draws and 3 wins TuT

  19. The older brother: "why did my elo drop all of the sudden?"

  20. For real, people need to stop offering a draw when im +20.

    If youre lucky and i feel bad i might take the rest of the pieces and then stalemate because its funny, but im not accepting a draw when youre getting absolutely spanked.

  21. I'm 1600 and i think this dude was just stressed cause when I'm stressed i tend to blunder everything but not as bad as this i only blunder like bishop/knight, rooks or queen for a rook

  22. "C5 dont see that very often"

    My friend use it everygame 💀

  23. They tried to pin my pawn 😂🤣😂… This guy's hilarious

  24. پشمام حریفش ایرانیه 🇮🇷😳

  25. How is that mate the black knight can take the queen

  26. Didnt you miss 3 checkmates? You could have mated him earlyer or did I see that wrong? (I mean still with the same mate setup

  27. I cant get 800s half this braindead wtf even is this lol

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