1600 Rated Chess is TERRIBLE

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  1. 700 rating: He blundered! Checkmate in 19!

  2. Me who sometimes lose to 700 rated bot: 💀

  3. just letting everyone know the opponent was probably 500-600 irl but when starting an account you can choose to be an "intermediate" and immediatly have 1600 elo

  4. Homie stole the entire script from Gotham chess you lying motherfu-💥🔫

  5. Bro I’m 280 rated and I could beat this guy wtf

  6. I do that too , bro prolly just tired and thought 1 game before sleep

  7. That’s not mate. There’s a knight protecting the queens square

  8. I’m at 400 ELO… SOMEBODY SAVE ME😢😢😢

  9. Yeah this is crazy, and here I am playing the best chess of my life currently and am almost 1500. I feel like I'm killing it and getting some hard earned wins and I see this brilliant game and realize there's levels to this sht.

  10. im only like 1100 but my opponents arent this bad

  11. Nah he 100% right tho. You play mostly good, but like 1 in 10 or 20 games you just play as if it’s your first time playing. That’s the 1600 life

  12. Now i realize how bad I am at chess
    I am 1100.

  13. If this is 1600 I'm 2000 note: I started playing chess 3 days ago went from 100 elo to 600

  14. Im 450 elo and i play better than that dude

  15. Bruh I’m 200 and my opponents play better than this

  16. If this is 1600 i am a fucking grandmaster..

  17. There was a black knight that could have token the queen the pawn would push up but not attack

  18. Oh wait the bishop I see it now never mind

  19. Im a 1000 rated player and the whole time I was. WTF is with this stupidity

  20. Why are my 600 rated opponents better than this shit

  21. when your 6 year old brother plays chess just because they know how to castle

  22. probably someone new that clicked on the advanced option when making the account

  23. Sometimes when you create a new account they put you in the 1600. Notice to blank pfp too. I’m pretty sure this is just some guy who made a new account and got grouped up to 1600

  24. As a 1600, it really is a coin flip on whether you play 800 points above your level or 800 points below it each move

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