1600 Rated Chess is TERRIBLE

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  1. does he just have skewers at an arms reach all the time?

  2. I recieve: One Pawn

    You recieve: My entire foking army

  3. That isn’t check mare the horse coulda just killed the queen. Knotty not horse or the king could’ve just castles

  4. This reminds me of the 600s who think their expert level so chose that when they create an account, then we have an 1800 who ends up blundering mate in 1

  5. lol i'm 1600… i wish my opponents were that easy

  6. that man was from #iran🇮🇷 if you just khow how is our life you would understand 🙂

  7. Used to be ~800, now rebuilding from 440, good luck everyone!

  8. Ik that guy he’s playin against is just so done with chess that day he just says fuck it and does that because I’m rated a 1000 and have done that

  9. I mostly play 10 min rapid and im at 800

  10. I played against a 200 elo, im 1200 and they played like a master, elo is so confusing

  11. Bro I’m at 1000 and I’m not that stupid his probably high

  12. perhaps he started off as a 1600 player? (one of my friends who was new to chess made an account and it was 1600 rated)

  13. I am a 1700 and i can promise you 1600s are not that bad. This is a 600 elo game

  14. as someone that just got to 1100 in less than 3 months(I knew the rules before and maybe i was 500) I believe I can get to 1600 now😂

  15. IT ISNT MATE! The Knight could just kill you

  16. I do this, but a lot better than shown in the video. The idea is to sacrifice material to lure you into a position where my pieces can take advantage and you cannot defend because of the position.

    Works against lower rated players like ourselves but 1800+ and you get rinsed.

  17. I'm 1100 but my opponents play far far better than this

  18. maybe.that's a cheater trying to play with no stockfish to see his gameplay hahaha, try to rematch him and you will see

  19. I think he was just mad after the first blunder, gave up and just threw his pieces away.

    I have seen this happen pretty often.
    2200 blundered a Queen against me and then proceeded to throw away literally every piece he had instead of resigning just to annoy me…

  20. I mean I do lose to 1500 to 2000 even thou I'm a 1600 so is understand that you lose bc you make high blunder

  21. he created and new account and picked advanced

  22. I was 1424 this morning and I have played 6 games today. 4 of my opponents blundered their queen, one of them blundered the rook and the other one blundered a knight. what's going on?? I am 1470 now thanks to them

  23. The diferent rate is so high,but 1.600 not like ,that, I am not play like that when 1600

  24. Why don"t get opponent in 1600 elo range that are like that

  25. I am playing at 1600 blitz and 1800 rapid since an year and I have never played so foolishly ever….. From where do you find such games or do you make a fake game look real for views😁.

  26. I lost all respect the moment I saw 1.d4

  27. Im at the 1570 elo level… Not me nor any of my opponents are this bad lol

  28. Me struggling to reach 1600 must watch this 😂

  29. Maybe that guy has a bad day lol. I am a mid 1700-1750 player, I average 75%-85% accuracy whenever my mind is fresh but if I am stress or wore off playing chess, sometimes a 800 rated player just beat me up cuz I hanged my Queen and everything lol.

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