10 Chess Tips To CRUSH Everyone

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10 Chess Tips to improve, for beginners, intermediate, advanced players, even Grandmasters!

0:00 Intro
0:51 Q1: Plans with Openings
4:30 Q2: Plans with Imbalances
11:35 Q3: Opponents Mistakes
15:17 Q4: Positional Chess
19:45 Q5: How To Attack
26:13 Q6 and 7: Passive Play
32:34 Q8: Closed Position
37:32 Q9: Learning Openings

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  1. when it comes explaining you‘re the best bro! good luck

  2. The only question that needs to be asked is what does levy use to get different colored arrows

  3. Am so trash at chess i hanged my rook forking with a horse only to find out that the queen can take and also EAT MY FRIKIN ROOK AGAIN AFTER CHECK AFTER HE TOOK CHECK AGAIN after the match my ego got crashed

  4. Him saying 3 times if youre still watching made me Think im a g for watching it to the end

  5. Wow this was an amazing explanation! Hopefully I'll remember this, but I'm forgetful sooo…. Anyways time to improve my attacks >:)

  6. Yo this bot has been killing me halfway thru this video I've beat it twice 😂 love the Chanel brother solid sub!

  7. So the best move there is to "Schlllong Castle"?

  8. 38:52 made me crack up, I’m 800 and only play the dragondorf (dragon najdorf) against e4

  9. currently 13 and losing every game and 400 score, when i was 8 i could beat full grown adults with years of experience, i need to get better

  10. Thank you for this comprehensive video!
    You kinda remind me to Max Tornow
    My question is: How do I develop from beginner to advanced as quickly as possible? What habits will get me there?

  11. When I play these ways i have more blunders in my analysis? Than when I play normally can someone help me please

  12. This is premium stuff for free, one must wonder how much better is his premium stuff. You're one of the best teachers i've come across. Thank you for sharing. I'm currently trying to break the 2000 ice 🤣

  13. Please do this again. I enjoyed every minute of it!

  14. So many openings to learn, we’re talking missionary, we’re talking.. where I’m on top and she’s on her back,…we’re talking missionary!

  15. …. Grandmasters you say, I never did notice the color segregation till now.

  16. im in the 400's and if one of us blunders we are loosing the game its tough out here

  17. Thanks a million for this video! At a point where I've been watching a ton of chess theory for fun, and watching it quickly fall apart in my low rated ELO games. Either because my opponent does something weird/stupid, or because I don't understand, and more often both. Hoping that the concepts hammered in on this video will help me start better understanding what to focus on in the chaos of low ELO chess.

  18. How to win from intermidate chess players if we are a beginner??

  19. its the "black is still fighting for equality" for me 😭😭

  20. Thanks bro I was at a 500mchest rating now I have a 3000 because of ur tricks lol

  21. For someone who is so good at chess yet helps me less than my fucking nut sack

  22. I know that knowing/memorizing theory is a big part of rising in Elo, but I feel like the problem solving aspect and finding the right move in the moment is more satisfying.

  23. Me: How do I improve my credit score?
    Levy: Okay, so let's say you're playing the London system…

  24. I am mostly very strong in the end game,it is the openings that I am worst at. I have my plans but often times the opponent doesn't play along and my mid game goes skydiving without a parachute. Often I play better when I "feel" my way…just as long as I don't get tunnel vision syndrome…and that hurts real bad.

  25. i have no plan i only vibe and pray that it works

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