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“Roadmap to chess mastery program taught me how to think when playing chess, and improved my understanding of the game immensely! It helped me in my personal and professional life and I would say that everyone should learn to play chess! ”
―Avro Mukherjee, AVP, Axis Bank Gurgaon.

Avro Mukherji, explains how the program has benefitted in

Avro Mukerji is a Banker by Profession with an experience of over a decade and a half in the field of Banking and Investments. Born in the City of Joy into a family of academicians, Avro has lived across Kolkata, London, Mumbai and Gurgaon. He is an avid Sports, Films, Screenplay Writing enthusiast and is also a member of The Screen Writers Association of India.

An avid Chess enthusiast, he is actively playing across online platforms like chess.com, lichess , Real Chess and FIDE Online Arena. During the lockdown, he joined Roadmap to ChessMastry Program by ChessMaster2000 powered by InnoMind Digital Academy.

Hear from him how the program helped him to almost double his chess strength, the overall understanding of the game and how chess benefitted in his personal and professional life. A hobby player, he is now confident to participate in online tournaments and dreams of participating in a rated tournament once we go back to normal lives.

He has recently authored a book of Poems, “Few Urban Thoughts”!

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